Lots of reasons to choose a vacation rental in Rome - Casa Glorioso

Why choosing a vacation rental in Rome? Why choosing an apartment in Trastevere? The answer is very easy. Your staying will be an authentic and real experience. It will not be just a vacation, you will get in touch with new people and you will get to know secrets and fascinating stories about the Eternal city that only romans know.

Choosing a vacation rental means to change your “tourist” status into an authentic traveller. To really live a city means going further the standard kind of visits to the major sites, offered by tourist guides.

To see Rome from another perspective

No doubts, it’s nice to enjoy Rome’s beauties, monuments, streets, art museums and so on. But still there is something that mass tourism slip away and the roman residents know and live everyday. Those who choose to stay in Casa Glorioso vacation rental or apartment, are making their first step in a non-conventional vacation.

The very first difference is that you are going to meet people who live in Rome. The owners of the apartments will welcome you warmly and you will live in their same building, in the same streets and neighborhood! They will be your real guides, they will help you to discover the most hidden corners of  the Eternal city.

In search of Trastevere traditions

Let’s go finding the hidden traditions of Trastevere. The owner will give you the best tips about what’s around, whether if is about going to a fun nightclub, a local story to tell, or a where you can eat high quality food for an affordable price.

In Casa Glorioso we do even more: do you want us to cook for you at your place? We will be happy to prepare some typical local dishes. This is the best way to taste some great roman recipes.

Local cookery courses

Do you know what’s the best thing? You can learn how to cook those great dishes. We offer under request short cookery courses and you can learn to make some roman dishes with us.

What do you think? This is something a hotel could never offer and plus, you’ll have all the comforts you would have in your home, and obviously you wouldn’t have that in a hotel.

An exemple? Did you stain your dress? No problem, you have a washing mashine ready to be used and also, the iron.

The great to feeling to be at home with your dearest persons

This is not all. You could find wi-fi internet in a hotel but you couldn’t be laying on the sofa of your living room while using it. And also, you can cook something for yourself at any hour.

It’s beautiful to share your vacation experience with your dearest persons, your family or a group of friends. Casa Glorioso apartments can host up to 5 or 9 people.